If you’re at all familiar with Rochester, New York’s extreme metal scene, you probably know who Bill Tash is. Bill is something of a Renaissance man when it comes to metal music. He is an exceptional drummer, guitarist, and bassist. When posting his songs on YouTube, he almost always showcases playthrough videos of all instruments played. Typically, these one-man band folks will post playthrough videos of their vocals and strings, but rarely drums. Drums are usually programmed, but not in this case.

Visit Bill Tash’s YouTube channel, where you can listen to his three most recent songs posted over the past few months. These absolute bangers are called “Atrocity”, “Colossus”, and “Descent”. Make sure to hit the thumbs up on his videos, leave a comment, and subscribe to his YouTube channel. Whether he is posting melodic death metal songs with vocals under the name “Crushing Force”, or posting straightforward death metal instrumentals, you can rest assured that Bill’s playing proficiency is top notch on all instruments, and that he pulls from the most appropriate death metal influences you can imagine while writing: Death, Possessed, Necrophagist, etc. You can find all three of these bangers on Bill’s forthcoming EP, due in December 2021.

We at Wretched Sound love Bill’s music, as this is his 2nd appearance in one of our magazines. Back in May, we did an issue involving strictly solo artists under our zine’s former name, THE METAL WEBZINE. Bill did an extensive interview with us there. You can find all these back issues by visiting the Wretched Sound Linktree, or by visiting and clicking on the main menu.

If you’re in the mood to feel nostalgic with some classic Death or Deicide-esque death metal riffing, do check out the three songs listed above, along with the rest of Bill’s back catalog. And for a classic, ‘90s Gothenburg melodic death metal feel, check out Bill’s MDM project, CRUSHING FORCE. Cheers.


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