We all know how much I love Diluted. I’ve been reviewing this band consistently on the zine for 4-5 years now. Every nostalgic bit of 2000s metalcore or Deftones worship that rubs me just the right way is present in just about every Diluted song. This is a band that proves time and time again that they know exactly how to incorporate trace elements of their top musical influences, while simultaneously crafting their own sound and staying relevant to younger audiences in 2021. They’re also great at social media marketing, and that’s mostly because of Zach Coffey’s shock value on TikTok.

Without further ado, now that I’m done sucking Diluted’s dicks again, let’s check out two brand-new singles the band just slapped together with Helmer Audio. These songs were recorded in September of 2021.

Church of Latter Day Stank”

This one goes right for the throat from the first note. Think about Adrenaline era Deftones – those chunky riffs, those dissonant chords, those shrill screams, those spacey clean vocals… It’s all here right out the gate. As the song progresses, we’re treated to a catchy chorus-hook riff topped with harsh vocals (melodic metalcore with lots of hammer-ons, octaves and harmonies), some slow “CHONK”, perfect for keeping the pit moving, and an overall impressive performance from vocalist, Paddy Mull, who delivers some of the most aggressive shrill highs, and deepest guttural-esque lows I’ve heard him produce. Paddy’s vocal range dominates this song and it’s a great way to punch fans in the face in the wake of Diluted’s previous EP, Unsubscribe.

Jackie Chandroid”

For me, this song harks back to Diluted’s signature sound. Paddy’s clean vocals are very unique when really belted out. He does some really long, sustained clean notes to put together a ridiculously sticky vocal melody. On top of that, the layering here is really expertly done on both the performance and the production side. The vocal harmonies do the idea of the song great justice. This is just a huge, epic, melodic monster of a song. The juxtaposition between these two singles is clearly intentional. “Jackie Chandroid” has its fair share of harsh vocals, heavy riffs, and stomping drums/bass, but the majority of the song showcases big, soaring vocal and guitar melodies. Between Paddy’s singing and Zach’s melodious writing on guitar, it’s hard to compare this song to any other band. A good comparison might be early Saosin, or Glassjaw, but even then, Diluted is very much its own unique animal. Since I’m sucker for well-composed melodic metal, “Jackie Chandroid” is definitely my favorite between these two songs. But at the same time, don’t think the boys bitched out on this one if you’re strictly a fan of “the heavy”. If anything, this track just keeps you in suspense, making you wait just a tad longer to blow your load during the inevitable breakdown/heavy outro. Grossed out yet? Try seeing Diluted live.


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