A few weeks ago, DragonForce posted that their drum tech, Joyzi, had started up a nu metal parody band called The Violent Inzident. DF shared the video for TVI’s song, “This Is Nu Metal”, and of course I thought to myself, I need to interview these guys immediately because this is fucking amazing. Never in a million years did I think my love for DragonForce, and following Herman Li on social media would turn into me interviewing a fake nu metal band, but here we are. I fell in love and maybe some of you will too. Let’s get into it.

1. Tell us about the very beginning of the project. How did the idea for this insanely hilarious parody of late ’90s nu metal come to be?

General Jerkhov – You see Mike, we actually started in 1995 and we had a plan for world domination, but then other bands who found out about our super secret musical formula started coming out, like Korn, Limp Bizkit, Slipknot.. so we decided to postpone our release by 25 years to give everyone else a chance, but now we’re here so game over.

2. Who came up with the name and what is the story behind it?

Tiny d – The Violent Inzident is like a concept more than just a name man, it’s like letting your spirit free and saying fuck society’s rules and like shit like that cos in the end nothing really matters.

3. Are you guys actually fans of nu metal, or is the nod to the genre in jest?

C-Manwe basically started it, so of course we love it . duh

4. For Joyzi: In a nutshell, what are the highlights of joining DragonForce for tours?

Adidassholewat bruv? has you got your questions mixed up mate? whus Joyzi? whats a dragonforce are they nu metal ? if its not nu then fuck it, innit.

5. What was the production period like for the “This Is Nu Metal” video? How much fun was that and how did the storyboard come about?

Tiny d– well as you can see this was some pretty high budget shit, you know we had the fast cars, drugs, hot chicks, parents , local chavs it actually took us over two weeks to get this filmed cos we were so wasted all the time also it was autumn in Chesham so it was a bit chilly and we had to pop inside for a a cup of tea every now and then.

6. What is next for Violent Inzident? Tell us about upcoming singles, albums, live shows, the works!

Monkey bird – oh gosh , where do I start? Our debut single ‘Nu-Metal’ was released on October 1st, up next we shall be releasing ‘Triggered – The Snowflake Anthem’ on December 1st, promptly followed by yet another video on February 1st, this time for our self-titled track ‘The Violent Inzident’. Our magnificent full-length work on art ‘This Is Nu-Metal’ shall finally be presented to all on April 1st 2022. There are many simply marvelous events coming up such as our first UK tour and it’s all frightfully exciting. Do keep an eye out for more exciting news! Cheers.

7. Does anyone in the band have a serious band on the side you’d care to mention?

Adidasshole – my main man here Mr Binman is in a Metallica covers band called Avenged Sevenfold.. Boom bruv!

8. Assuming you answered yes to question 3, who are your favorite nu metal bands of the ’90s?!

General Jerkhov – well, after our unbelievably amazing selves, I guess we can give a shout out to Korn , Bizkit, Slipknot etc.. I mean, without us those kids would have never got started so it’s good to see our influence paid off for them.

9. Who were the first bands/artists you guys can recall listening to growing up? Who brought your love of music on?

Monkeybird– We all come from very different backgrounds you see, so personally I was enjoying a spot of Beethoven in my parents summer cottage, while I think Mr C-Man was mainly listening to the little mermaid soundtrack as that’s all they had down there.

10. If you were to mock a different genre of music with your next album, what would you choose?

General Jerkhov – It depends. If the producer says ‘you have one day to write a full album’ I say no problem, we do mumble rap.

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