The latest single from A Fitting Revenge’s forthcoming new album, Omnipresence, is called “The Overthrow” and it’s a perfect introduction to everything this band excels at for new listeners. At the same time, if you’ve been following AFR for years as we have, you won’t be disappointed by the band’s most recent offering – a 4-minute musical journey sculpted by a determined band’s creative push to find their true sound. Within “The Overthrow”, you’ll hear three dominating components: heaviness, melody, and ambience. The riffs are straight forward and catchy, but with plenty of meat on the bone. The melodies soar through a combination of unique lead guitar effects, big chord progressions, and long, sustained screams. The guitar solo is packed with exciting, marathon like runs, tasty harmonies, and satisfying bends at its emotional apex. From a rhythm standpoint, the drums are driving and to the point, while also tribal esque at times, crafting a nice full sound for the bass guitar to compliment. Overall, the song’s mix has a very thick, wall-like quality to it – something any metalhead would enjoy in their speakers. And when it comes to the vocals, I can’t help feeling redundant by bringing up the band, Lamb of God again when it comes to A Fitting Revenge. However, I’d be lying if I told you my mind didn’t immediately revisit Randy Blythe’s younger days (Burn the Priest, As the Palaces Burn) upon hearing Ledwing Hernandez’s most recent vocal offering on “The Overthrow”.

You can check out the single/music video on YouTube, and remember to follow the band on social media to find out exactly when the new album, Omnipresence is ready to drop.

A Fitting Revenge are:

Ledwing – Vocals/Guitars

Brian Steinman – Guitars

Lucy M. – Bass

Cody Rivers – Drums


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