Hey, there’s a new Nightrage album out today, so I’ll be pretty much unreachable. 🙂

*February 18, 2022*

Annihilator – Metal II (earMusic)

Ard – Take Up My Bones (Prophecy)

Asiwyfa – Jettison (Equal Vision)

Black Map – Melodoria (Minus Head)

The Body & OAA – Enemy Of Love (Thrill Jockey)

Boguslaw Balcerek’s Crylord – Human Heredity (Pride & Joy)

Bunuel – Killers Like Us (Profound Lore)

Dagoba – By Night (Napalm)

Esprit D’Air – Oceans (Starstorm Records)

Fostermother – The Ocean (Ripple)

Glasya – Attarghan (Scarlet)

Goodbye June – See Where The Night Goes (Earache)

Immolation – Acts Of God (Nuclear Blast)

Jonas Lindberg And The Other Side – Miles From Nowhere (InsideOut)

The Last Of Lucy – Moksha (Transcending Obscurity)

Lord Agheros – Koine (My Kingdom)

Lunar Blood – Twilight Insurgency (Pulverised)

Manic Sinners – King Of The Badlands (Frontiers)

Matt Pike – Pike vs. The Automaton (MNRK Heavy)

The Neptune Power Federation – Le Demon De L’Amour (Cruz Del Sur)

Nightrage – Abyss Rising (Despotz Records)

Pure Wrath – Hymn To The Woeful Hearts (Debemur Morti)

Re-Machined – Brain Dead (Pride & Joy)

Rot TV – Tales Of Torment (Tee Pee)

Savage Grace – After The Fall From Grace Re-Release (Hammerheart)

Savage Grace – Master Of Disguise Re-Release (Hammerheart)

Schizophrenia – Recollections Of The Insane (Redefining Darkness)

Sickbay – Brutal Existence EP (Redefining Darkness)

Spirits Of Fire – Embrace The Unknown (Frontiers)

Star One – Revel In Time (InsideOut)

Static-X – Machine 20th Anniversary Edition (Otsego)

Veonity – Elements Of Power (Scarlet)

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