(Rochester, New York metalcore)

Vocals- Pat Mulligan

Guitar- Zach Coffey

Bass- Michael Kimak

Drums- Tyler Creller

Photo credit: Kirsten Milliron of Milliron Design / @KLMilliron

Diluted are 100% nostalgia for me in their pursuit of telling modern metal elitists to go fuck themselves. Diluted don’t care what the kids are listening to these days. When guitarist, Zach Coffey, wants to write a song, he returns to his touchstones: Deftones, Every Time I Die, and maybe even a little Metallica. At their core, Diluted strive to deliver high-energy shows, middle fingers, and clever puns as song titles. And wouldn’t you know it? They reach these goals flawlessly on every attempt!

DADDY HAS A SURPRISE FOR YOU! If you slowly follow his leg with your eyes, and look closely, you will find…MORE RIFFS! Peep Diluted’s Facebook page and YouTube channel, where you’ll find a recently uploaded playthrough video of one of Diluted’s newest singles, “Jackie Chandroid”.

DO YOU LIKE MEMES? Diluted have plenty! The boys weren’t having orgasms over that “When We Were Young” festival (which is probably a scam like Fyre Festival), so they decided to tweak the lineup… Or maybe they just found this version somewhere else online. Anyway, is this lineup better? Worse? Honestly, high school me is smitten and the only band missing is DILUTED.


Diluted recently welcomed Michael “Mikimak” Kimak back on bass! If you remember the OG lineup and you haven’t caught the dudes live yet this year, go say hey!

Plus, we can’t leave this alone before calling out Pat Mulligan’s rap project: Toxsin the Epidemic. If you’re a fan of how Pat spits into the mic, AND you can get behind the rap and hip-hop, go check out Toxsin the Epidemic everywhere music can be streamed.

In other news, I was 100% GUTTED to learn of Diluted’s decision to call it quits shortly after I published this article in our March printed issue. Diluted are a band I’ve absolutely adored for their entire existence, and the scene (especially that of Rochester) will miss them dearly. Their final show is at Bug Jar on June 4th. Be there if you ever gave a shit about Diluted. It’s mandatory.

You can also catch most of these dudes in other bands:

Most of us will be continuing to play music in other groups.

“Go follow LimeWired (Zach’s pop punk/emo cover group), Toxsin the Epidemic (Paddy’s solo horrorcore project), and Sedai (Tyler’s other band).” – post taken from Diluted’s FB page

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