(Buffalo, New York metalcore)

Vocals- Christopher Schunk

Guitar – Sam LeBron

Guitar – Matthew Geltz

Bass – Shawn Gomez

Drums – Vince Mayer

Now that our favorite modern metalcore band have solidified their new lineup for 2022, let’s take a look at each STUNNING member individually. We’re totally smitten for grizzly bears this year apparently!

Matthew Geltz – guitar/clean vocals

Mr. Matthew Geltz is a former member of Displaced (Niagara Falls metal), and a major contributor to Grizzly Run’s songwriting.

Shawn Gomez – bass

Shawn is actually one of the hardest working musicians in this area. He’s currently slinging bass for Seplophile (death metal), Hell Ever After (rock opera), Prepare for the Mindscan (grindcore), and of course, Grizzly Run.

Sam LeBron – guitar

Sam just became the store manager at the Guitar Center in Cheektowaga. Go in and say hello! And BE NICE (especially around the holidays)!

Christopher Schunk – vocals

This man is a wrecking ball of energy and we can’t wait to see him take the stage again.

Vince Mayer – drums

Vince is about as professional as you can get with his extensive history of playing guitar and drums in a variety of bands over the past few decades in Buffalo. He’s also a wealth of knowledge when it comes to lighting and audio gear. We’re so stoked about this latest addition to an already explosive band on the rise in WNY. Check out everything Vince has going on at

live shot from Vince’s first show with the band

Check out the band’s next gig if you’re in the area:

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