(Buffalo, New York rock opera)

Vocals (female operatic) – Gina Lunetta (classically trained, exceptionally gifted)

Vocals (male clean/harsh) – Ryan Mis (Short Attention Span Theatre‘s voice of mischief)

Vocals/guitars/composition – Lawrence D. Gomez

Guitars – Kahlil Sarikey (Technical death metal aficionado from Inertia)

Keyboards- Eareckson Murray (a master of many instruments currently playing drums in Goblin Hovel AND Rebel Scum, as well as synths and such in his solo project, Westward Journey!

Bass – Shawn Gomez (currently slinging bass in metalcore badasses, Grizzly Run, grindcore legends, Prepare for the Mindscan, and death metal titans, Seplophile as well!!

Drums – Glen Norworyta (a newcomer to the metal scene, already on a direct path to metal drum mastery)

The term “supergroup” doesn’t do it justice. Hell Ever After is the most original, ambitious project I’ve seen come from the Buffalo underground. Lawrence Gomez’s story about one man’s path of redemption taking him through the pits of Hell has turned into one of the most entertaining acts we’ve ever seen on local stages. They finally played their first club show in November 2021, and from here, it seems that the sky is the limit.

Lawrence D. Gomez – the brains of the operation

Over the years, I’ve played in a number of projects with Lawrence, and also been witness to all of his projects that followed. He’s always had “big ideas”, but this takes the cake.


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Do you have a friend who is hopelessly addicted to vinyl? Sadly, I can’t help you. I was just asking.

Lawrence also djs from time to time at local record stores and venues, so be on the lookout for that. If you ever get a chance to go to a “metal night” and Lawrence is spinning records, you’d be doing yourself a favor.

Yes, Lawrence and Shawn Gomez are brothers. They hadn’t shared the stage prior to Hell Ever After’s existence since 2007, so this is a huge deal for them. If you’ve been supporting Shawn’s bands right along, but haven’t checked out Hell Ever After yet, it’s time to make a change!!


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