Vocals/guitars – Jay Wopperer

Bass – Shawn Gomez

Drums – Joe Musial

A lot of people don’t realize just how long Prepare for the Mindscan have been together. The story actually begins back in 2009. The trio had decided on the name, style, and concept early on. Eventually, distance brought things to a halt when Jay moved to China for a few years. But upon returning to the Buffalo area circa 2013, the reformation was swift and PFTMS were in the studio making magic. For some reason, it took awhile for this band to gain their footing as a “staple” in the scene, but eventually, promoters stopped asking them to open every gig. PFTMS is now a household name in Buffalo and we’re beyond proud. Head over to and grab some merch. The dudes deserve your support if you’re a fan of grind!!!

These guys reentered the studio TODAY (4/15/22) and it’s long overdue! We can’t wait to see what these crazy, sci-fi grinders spit out!

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