We’ve reached the end of our anniversary series! The final band we’re shouting out is Buffalo tech death aficionados, INERTIA! This is the same article that appeared in our 7th anniversary hardcopy, but now that we’re online, I’ll include links to all the cool national press Inertia have gotten over the years!


(Buffalo, New York technical death metal)

Vocals – Steve McIntosh

Guitars – Kahlil Sarikey

Bass – Gus Brand

Drums – Doug Griffith Jr.

The Inertia dudes always bring one hell of a show to the stage. Between stage presence, technical prowess, and tight musicianship, it’s no wonder why they are one of the most beloved, as well as envied bands in the Buffalo metal scene. A basic rule of thumb for musicians when they come into the metal scene here is that you should always see Inertia live at least once a year to “check yourself.”

It’s also worth mentioning that Kahlil (guitars) also plays alongside Lawrence in Hell Ever After, while Gus (bass) also plays with his father (Kenny Brand ex Avulsion) in experimental drum/bass duo: Ish Kabbible, while also teaming up with his dad once again as the rhythm section for Buffalo experimetallers, Short Attention Span Theatre. All of these aforementioned acts deserve a click and follow.

We also made INERTIA the featured cover artist in January 2022 for our very first GUIDE TO THE NEW YORK UNDERGROUND issue, where we selected (and created ads) for 50 of New York’s finest. You can pick up that issue, or ANY of our hardcopies at!!


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