*Taken from our April 2022 issue: “Lessons in Dissonance”

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Buffalo death metallers, DEBRAINED, are pretty much torchbearers for the reemergence of underground DM around here. Destroying stages alongside bands like Mass Casualty, Anthropic, and Seplophile, DEBRAINED are charging forth post pandemic with new music that will melt your face clean off your skull. Here’s what guitarist, Dan McGill, had to say about it:

1. Tell our readers the story of this band. Tell us everything! How did you guys meet? Where did the name come from? How did you arrive at your genre? What bands/artists inspired you to play the music Debrained plays?

In late 2017 myself and Kenny Johnson met in welding school. The initial conversation started because I was wearing a lamb of god hoodie and Kenny was like “sweet hoodie” my response to him was you play any instruments haha and ironically enough he told me how he was getting into drumming so I think it was just a couple days after that I was hauling my rig to his basement and although we didn’t know any songs, the chemistry was there. Mind you it was both our first time ever starting a band so the music ofcourse wasn’t then what it is today but the friendship and the fun we had man, we both just had a blast and that’s what started it off. Probably about 2 months of getting the cops called on us night after night it came to a point where we needed to re-locate and thats when we got a practice spot and since we were paying for a spot we figured we’d try to take things a little more serious. So I stepped down from vocals once we came to meeting Cody Bollinger. Once that transition happened, id say that’s the start of Debrained. Before then we went by a couple different names, “Pray for Prey” “3 pound threat” (referring to a brain ha ha) At some point we were all just shooting out names and Cody had said “What about Debrain?” I said yea but add that “ed” at the end, ya gotta make it past tense like every other death metal band. Anyways we all had our personal favorites and inspirations but they all fell into the same genres of Death metal, Grind, some thrash or some groove metal. Kind of all over the place but we tried to blend it all together in some terrible kind of way and well it felt right so thats what we kept doing. Obviously now the line up has changed up a bit but as the initial start, thats how it went down and ill tell you what man it was an awesome time during those days.

2. How long have you all been playing your respective instruments and how did you get started in the first place playing music?

So everyone has been playing for quite some time and at an early age. Marc Trent and myself came from some pretty big musically influenced family’s so it makes a whole lot of sense as to why we were picking up instruments before the age of 10 and Chris and Kunkel were not much longer after that. Chris actually started on piano first at age 13 and man can he play!

3. Name your top bands/artists of all-time, regardless of style!

Oh jeez that’s quite a list! But to shorten it up and give you a few of each member it would consist of Slayer (duh) Chris Poland, Scott Hull, Karl Sanders, Erik Rutan, Frank Zappa, Lamb of God, Dahmer, Daughters, Dying fetus and Cannibal corpse

4. Talk about any new music as much as you can, and tell people what they can expect! Also, for Dan: You’ve been diving into audio engineering lately. How’s everything going with that?

So as you may or may not have noticed but lately we’ve been turning down shows and avoiding the live setting. We’ve got a couple shows coming up because don’t get it wrong we love playing out and seeing our good friends/fans but we’ve been using this time to just focus on writing, which there has been a lot of. This new stuff has exceeded my expectations personally and I think alot of that has to do with us stepping back and finding our sound together and its coming along great. There’s a good amount of material and some more in the works and ironically enough, the story I mentioned earlier about the start of the band, our fans can expect a song that corsponds to that and our interests in the mechanical field. We’ll be hitting the studio shortly and we’re pleased to say that we’ll be working with Nick Borgosz at World of Noise studios. We always enjoyed the DIY aspect of making our own recordings which actually brings me to your next question. I’ve really come to enjoy audio engineering over the past couple years, sometimes even more then writing music at points. Its a whole other field but still awesome to still be working with music but man can it turn into a rabbit hole. That being said I am still fairly “green” to it and although we’re all proud of our past projects/releases, we feel its be best for us to get good quality production from someone who has much more experience. Not to say we won’t ever do a DIY thing again that is.

5. What are some different eras or sub-subgenres (lol) of death metal you guys have been exploring lately?

As for myself and Trent we’ve both been getting into bands such as 200 stab wounds and Sanguisugabogg. Bodybox is a killer band. Really open to all of it, any genre really but mostly digging into Grind and this newer wave of death metal that seems to be going around. I’m not too good with sub-genres though, I’ve always been like if its good and its heavy its metal, haha

6. Now that you’ve been around the scene for awhile, talk about the most memorable shows you’ve played, along with your favorite venues!

So we all agree on our most memorable show that we played which was last year in Newport KY at The Southgate house revival. The place is an old church dated from 1866 and man does that place sound amazing, not from the sound guy but the way this place is actually built. The bar is an old pipe organ! Its huge man definitely an interesting place. I think there’s 3 different stages in the place, they’ll have 3 different shows going on at once its hilarious, you’ll have your vested up drunk metal heads passing by business suit and tie people there to hear their jazz or whatever else is going on. Really cool honestly

7. Plug your upcoming shows!

4.21 We’ll be at Mohawk with Anthropic and Skrotum which is sweet because I’ve been wanting to see them guys now for some time

6.24 At Timeless babez which I’m not exactly sure where that is but it’ll be a fundraiser to help stray cats which is awesome, we’ll always try to back a good cause

9.13 in Clearfield PA for the Upstage Music fest which is always a good time, we love them guys down there

8. Tell us who your favorite underground bands in the local scene are!

Sachiel, Prepare for the Mindscan, Anthropic and Sastruga

9. Plug any relevant links to your online presence. (the simpler the URL, the better)




10. Shows seem to be getting “back to normal”, whatever that means. Tell us about the first shows you guys played or attended where you felt as though the pandemic was on the verge of becoming past tense in conversation.

I’ll let Trent answer that one as I’ve been turned down from attending most local shows more recently until the whole Vax status was no longer in effect.

Trent: That would be the Decibel Beer and Metal fest in 2021. Although Vax cards were required it was the first time being back in a venue.

*Taken from our April 2022 issue: “Lessons in Dissonance”

Visit if you’re interested in purchasing physical zines. That said, we never expect anyone to support us monetarily. Just subscribing to our YouTube channel or following us here on WordPress helps. Our entire online presence can be found at the link above.

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