Jeff Standish has been bringing the most extreme death, black, and thrash metal shows to Buffalo for almost exactly 10 years now. COMING OF RAGE PRODUCTIONS is very close to celebrating their 10-year anniversary, and they sure do have a lot to celebrate. Over the past decade, WNY has seen extreme metal bands both foreign and domestic come to town that they never would have had the opportunity to see and hear live without Jeff’s efforts. He’s truly a testament to what it means to “book with your heart” and to “support underground music”. But who better to tell you about the last 10 years than Jeff himself?

1. What inspired you to start Coming of Rage Productions?

I saw all the good things with promotion that Brian Pattison of “Glorious Times Productions ” was doing and all the great bands in the scene and coming to Buffalo. I just wanted to give back what was so freely given to me.

2. How did you arrive at the name?

I was Reading a Horror comic at the time about a group of adolescent monsters who where just coming in to their own strengths and abilities joining together. We always say “Come Out and Rage”. A friend of mine Thomas Mandilas of Patch Master Productions wanted to team up in doing a show and asked who are you. I looked around saw the comic and blurted out “Coming of Rage Productions”.

3. Are you still working on any horror-themed artwork?

I do commissions upon request. But am drawing mainly for myself, friends and family.

4. Now that you’ve come to your 10-year anniversary, what are some of the most memorable shows you’ve put on, and why are they so important?

There are so many, so I will name my top 3 below.

DRI, Rebel Scum, Rotten UK, & Pissing Match was a sold out show, beyond capacity, crowd surfing, stage diving, & mad crazy circle pits.

Hubris, Seplophile, Order of the Dead, & Throne of Wilderness because the line up was all local & Rochester bands. We all rolled up our sleeves, jumping into the trenches, to promote the show with the end result of everyone having fun & a sold out venue.

Rage Fest 2019–Nunslaughter, Senentary, Malas, Beyond, Deth, Dissonant, Seepage, & Anthropic was my first time booking my favorite US National band (Nunslaughter) & my first festival.

In all bands & fans enjoying themselves is the most important of all!

5. Talk about some bands you’ve discovered through putting on Coming of Rage shows that you still love to this day?

Voltomna, Black Metal from Italy- amazing metal, very entertaining

Pseudogod, Black & Death Metal from Moskow, Russia- strong stage presence, heavy hitting, & unrelenting

Bolzer, Black & Death Metal from Switzerland- a 2 piece bandthat the guitarist/vocalist plays a 10 string, amazingly & fluidly-

Tombstoner, Death Metal from Statin Island- hard hitting & fast paced, kept the crowds attention & did not disappoint

6. Would you say that you’ve built long-lasting friendships as a direct result of your production efforts?

Yes I have built strong friendships in my 10 years & keep in close contact with some of them throughout, even to this day.

7. Who are your go-to graphic designers for flyers? Who should the scene be investing in for their own gigs?

Cody Bollinger of Cody Bollinger Creative Studios of Buffalo, New York- he does amazing work- I spit ideas at him & he exceeds my expectations every time. I would recommend him to anyone looking for poster, flier design, as well as photography & videography.

8. Which are your favorite venues to work with?

My 2 favorite venues to work with are Mohawk Place in Buffalo, NY & The Rockin’ Buffalo Saloon in West Seneca, NY. They both have awesome sound quality, friendly & helpful staff, & a great over all experience.

9. Plug any upcoming shows you currently have on the horizon.

Saturday June 4th- Coming of Rage Productions 10th Anniversary Show- Pyrexia, Immortal Suffering, Blood Coven, Selfgod, Sacrificial Blood, Viral Tyrant, Hubris, & Corpse God at Mohawk Place Buffalo NY. Doors open at 3pm, music at 4pm, $20 cover.

10. Plug your online presence. Where can we find you?

You can find me at Coming of Rage Productions page on Facebook, or email me at

Thank you for this opportunity & keep up the good work! See you all out there! Stay metal!!

Original art by Jeff Standish

The 10-year anniversary gig for Coming of Rage has come and gone since the release of this interview, but here are some of Jeff’s CURRENT upcoming shows:

*Taken from our May 2022 issue: “One Cold Spring in Buffalo”

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