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*Interview taken from our June 2022 printed issue: “A GUIDE 2 THE NEW YORK UNDERGROUND” / Purchase yours here:

1. How did you first arrive at your band name? Is there a story behind it or did it just fall into place?

Zach Healt AKA Northern Sage of the Rising Moon: My brother came up with it he we were eating shitty food at a mall. It sounded mean, it sounded raw, it sounded sick, it worked.

Zachary Bushey AKA Grandmaster Bush: The dragon of the misty peaks came up with the name!

Tyler Healt AKA Dragon of the Mystic Peaks: the name came while my brother and I were sitting with our friend Sam in the food court at the mall and brainstorming band names. I got the idea from the Displacer beast from Dungeons and Dragons and just thought the word “displacer” sounded saucy so we spiced it up with the ‘y’ and the umlaut over the ‘a’ to give it that old school traditional edge. So it kind of just fell into place!

Drew Wood AKA White Panther of the 12th Chamber: I showed up and that was the band name, it was a decent name. I really didn’t have any gripes about it.

2. What made you start doing music? What was the catalyst that started you down the path of forming or joining a live band?

Zach Healt: I’ve been a metalhead since I was about 12, my parents played “Superbeast” by Rob Zombie and that’s what made me a metal head, this then led me to meet such incredible and unique people in the metal community. One day, I was in school and my buddy said he was starting a band and needed a drummer. “I don’t know how to play and I don’t have any gear, but I’m in, let’s do this!” I got a drum set shortly after that and have been jamming ever since.

Zachary Bushey: When I was a younger man I saw a few live shows of Iron Maiden and Judas Priest and I thought to myself, wow I could totally see myself rocking out on stage in front of thousands of fans! Honestly since then I couldn’t think of anything else I’d wanna do!

Tyler Healt: What got me into playing music is honestly being good friends with other musicians. You can throw a rock in any direction in Rochester and hit 10 guitar players but I think the reason our group/band is so special is because we’re all such good friends and so dedicated to our work. That’s why our lineup is set in stone, we’re all irreplaceable.

Drew Wood: My first girlfriend was playing guitar and I had a guitar that I got last year for my 13th birthday that I didn’t touch, I eventually picked it up to get better than her and started getting lessons. I was only in lessons for about 6 months till my mother said they were too expensive, I secretly think that she was trying to get me to quit cause I was only allowed to play through headphones for the first 6 years of my guitar practice. I eventually switched to bass in 2011 when Primus was doing the Green Naugahyde tour. I was amazed by how much he could do, I eventually learned every Primus song out there cause I was a fan boy, and also drooling over his custom basses made by Carl Thompson and the semi new pachyderm customs I started getting interested in luthiery and attempted to build my own kahler equipped bass. 6 years later and I’m still not done with it cause being at band practice for 30 hours a week on top of a full time job will do that to you.

3. Who are your biggest influences? These could be bands, individual artists, other people in your life, etc. Who helped shape the music you now aspire to create?

Zach Healt: Biggest influences have to be Iron Maiden, Lost Horizon, Neil Peart, and mainly my other band mates. Then getting better at their own instruments pushes me to better myself and keep up with them. Also my mom, our biggest fan since day one, and her support has pushed me further as well.

Zachary Bushey: My biggest influences for music have been, Iron Maiden, Judas Priest, Dio, ambush, enforcer, and skull fist just to name a few. But the thing that’s pushed me this hard is the spirt of crushing metal! The gods themselves have taught us that ways of steel and I wish to embody it!

Tyler Healt: Biggest influences for guitar would be Herman lee of DragonForce, you can just see how much fun playing guitar is to him and you can hear that he just does hype shit in his solos that you don’t hear anywhere else, also the precision he had in his playing is just unreal. Another influence is honestly bush, the other guitarist in Dysplacer, the soul in his playing changed how I think about writing music as a whole. My musical influences come from everywhere though, even movies, books, nature, etc. The universe provides.

Drew Wood: At first it started as Primus cause that was the first show I went to with my dad. I obviously enjoyed classics like Priest and Metallica, but I would say the first band that really got me into searching some more obscure metal was carnivore, I love Peter Steel, and although Type O Negative is really good, I still don’t think that it tops the two carnivore albums, the first album doesn’t even have a bad riff on it. After that I meet up with Zack and Tyler from the band again, which if you didn’t know we were in kindergarten together and went to different high schools, They showed me Lost Horizon which has essentially taken its place as a bible in my life ever since I touched it. Each album is a masterpiece that speaks so much to the soul. If you haven’t heard it you need to listen to each and read the lyrics.

4. When it comes to your contributions to the band, what are some ways you’re currently challenging yourself? What skills have you been working on honing lately, or what techniques have you been drilling?

Zach Healt: Well since I am the artist for all of our shirts, album arts, etc and I coordinate the merch, I push myself in that regard- leveling up with art, bettering my technique to better capture the essence that is Dysplacer and translate that to the visual form. I have been grinding a lot of color theory lately, as well as human form rendering and composition of illustration, as in, what things can I do to convey what I want to say or show and also keep that looking super hype!

Zachary Bushey: When it comes to music I truly believe there is no top, you can practice new things, hone new skills till your fingers bleed. So I try to just stay on top of my chops and run songs/ write new material all the time. But I have been working on one finger push ups to better my articulation and speed! Melting faces till the end!

Tyler Healt: Something I’m working on in my playing is writing more complex riffs, bringing a kind of power/speed metal vibe to Dysplacer. Really trying to hone my improv soloing and making that as tasty as possible, I also have to clean up my playing a lot- I find that I’m a pretty sloppy guitarist at times. As far as the band as a whole I think we’re all trying to work on the social media presence which is a struggle with a lot of bands in the area as well I think. Our goal is to just give people something they’ve never seen/heard before and I think we’re doing well, we’re the first Kung Fu heavy metal band that I’ve heard of, and our music style is refreshing to Rochester which is a very death metal/hardcore saturated music scene.

Drew Wood: It’s been an ongoing quest of mine to become the best bass player I could be, It’s a lot easier to stand out being a bass player due to the fact that about half of us are failed guitar players myself included, literally to this day cannot play guitar for shit. Currently I’ve been working on tapping and sweeping as my main focus, Anything to make me look more like a douche bag.

5. What are your individual gear setups? More importantly, for the gearheads reading this, what are some of the brands, makes, and models you swear by when it comes to instruments, amplifiers, sims, plugins, mics, etc.?

Zach Healt: I use a pearl export series drum kit, Sabian cymbals, DW double bass pedals (that I keep breaking), evans drum heads (ec2), and fire brain drum sticks when I can but honestly I use whatever sticks work I’m not picky at all!

Zachary Bushey: I run a Peavey valve king 100 through a egnator 300 watt cab. I also have a boss gt-8 unit in front to really shape and push my sound. I prefer the sound of tube heads because there cleaner and brighter, and much loader than any solid state I’ve played out of! Truly a beautiful set up for clubs, houses, practice, and big venues. I usually play out if my dean custom explorer body, packed with dmx pickups stock from Dean. Or I’m rocking my Jackson king v (my Cadillac) packed with Duncan designers to punch through anything! Strong tones and thick creamy solos, a lot variety to choose from!

Tyler Healt: I personally use a Kemper power rack profiler for my amp which I love, it has thousands of amp sounds that you can download, I’m currently using a Marshall amp model- Marshall is my favorite amp for metal and real crisp gain sounds. My cab is this old 4×12 Marshall that I put in 2 celestian v30 speakers and 2 Celestian cream backs- love Celestian. And for guitar I use this used Jackson I got a while back that I put Seymour Duncan invaders in for pickups and I also use an old Kramer I also got used and that’s got some Seymour Duncan’s in there as well but the Kramer needs some work so I haven’t been able to play it. Both have Floyd rose- I love the Floyd rose bridge, any other bridges feel weird to me. I am also finishing up a custom hand carved Jackson Randy Rhoads Flying V which will be debuted at the next show.

Drew Wood: I have fallen to the bass whore trap of getting a darkglass microtubes 900v2, I love it to death and I don’t regret it in the slightest, It does everything I could ever need and its so loud that I cannot turn it up past a quarter without tearing off the walls, I have a cheap Chinese no name acrylic RR flying v with light up fret markers to look even more like a douchebag, for being cheap as dirt it actually plays and sounds very decent.

6. Talk about any past bands you’ve been a part of that we might remember.

Zach Healt: I am in das brute currently, and we will be playing our debut show this year. Epic power speed metal with a melodic edge. Don’t miss it!

Zachary Bushey: I’ve been in a few projects over the years and I’m currently in polybius but before Dyspläcer my biggest one project was Nuclear winter. We released one album called Judgment day you can listen to anywhere! I had a killer time in that bad, fell in love with the stage, and played some of the funnest shows with them. My first band ever was called B.A.S.H. Also knows as “The bad ass shit heads” we were a killer thrash group covering all the best thrash, from Metallica, to Megadeth and Pantera. Had a riot with them as well!

Tyler Healt: Most of us are also in a band called Das Brute which is a power metal band that we started a few years back. Haven’t played out with them yet but this year we are going to be hitting the scene pretty hard. So keep an eye out for that, for sure. I also plan on forming a type of power rock psychedelic band with my brother, Bush, and a few other people in our friend group called Tempest. Other than that no other projects on my end, I’m busy enough as it is.

Drew Wood: You probably remember the days of Nuclear Winter as we all do, That ship has sailed and is lost at sea for eternity, I am also currently in Polybius with more than half the members of Nuclear Winter, I will have some other acts coming out to look for as well!

7. Think of a specific song, or even a riff you’re most proud of in the band’s arsenal.

Zach Healt: My favorite song we have is “Dysplacer vs Dysplacer”. Justice and I collaborated on the lyrics, and I’m very very proud of them. The music makes me want to fight an ancient demon with a katana, and I also love how long it is. Truly the best way I can think of to end an album, “The mighty Dysplacer against the evil shadow clones of Dysplacer! Who else can stand in our way?!”

Zachary Bushey: I would say my favorite riffs coming up on the album “TEMPLE HEIGHTS” are “In the Halls of Justice”, and “Dyspläcer vs. Dyspläcer”. I feel like the riffs in those songs are very unique, fast, and powerful. Everyone can listen to thoes songs and bang there heads!

Tyler Healt: I’m most proud of “Dysplacer vs Dysplacer” mostly because a majority of the song was written by me on guitar so it’s like my baby, which you can kind of tell with the heavy power/speed metal vibe that it has, and for the fact that a lot of the riffs were very different chord progressions than I’ve usually written. But they were just random riffs I had until I brought them to the boys, that’s when it became a power-house of a song, once they added their riffs and ideas to it. I’m also very proud of lightning fury fist being that it was dysplacer’s first song and it came together so well.

Drew Wood: Being the bass player that the guitarist whip into the corner to play the root note, I think that forgotten victories was a nice show piece, I took a lot of liberties in the chorus to beef it up a little, Other than that I have a solo on our song “Dysplacer versus Dysplacer” that I am very proud of!

8. Plug any and all upcoming shows. Attach fliers to the interview, so I can print them in this zine!

Zach Healt: So far just July 10th with Aversed. But we are in search of really good shows to play in June so if you guys have any ideas let us know!

Zachary Bushey: Next show we have coming up is July 10th at Photo City Improv! So all you warriors better come to battle!

Tyler Healt: We’re planning on playing a show in June but have no solid shows yet so if anyone wants has any connects to a sick show feel free to reach out. And July 10th we play Photo City with Aversed which I’m very excited about.

9. Plug your online presence, using the simplest URLs you have.

Zach Healt: Ask Bush.

Tyler Healt: Ask Bush! (“Bush” conveniently did NOT fill in this answer.)

Check the dudes out at or on IG: @dysplacer_official

10. Plug any local bands.

Zach Healt: Guys, you HAVE to see Polybius, these dudes are nuts, synths in death thrash metal is a power move for sure! Cruelty Under Management is a fun band that has killer tunes! These guys are dope. Also, the great Gates of Paradox is a must see! Eternal Crypt too- pretty much any band that Zane knight is in you gotta check out. I really like Halothane they are just a powerhouse band through and through, Wicked is another band that is crazy. We love playing with the Wicked boys, they are a blast to hang with, they party hard, and they slay even harder. I truly see these guys taking over the world of glam metal very soon! But I’ll tell ya what guys, any band in the Rochester-Buffalo scene is great, can’t go wrong with any local show.

Zachary Bushey: Some of my favorite bands in the scene right now are

Gates of Paradox, Fatal Curse, Wicked, Halothane, Alien Autopsy, and Rotten UK to name a few. But Rochester has the best local scene I’ve ever seen! With some of the strongest musicians I’ve met. Truly a glorious scene to be apart of!

Tyler Healt: Well our boys in Wicked are really sick and they’re stage presence is probably the best I’ve seen in Rochester hands down. They are super professional as a band and they are also really cool people to hang out with, we plan on playing many shows together coming up and are trying to create a 2-headed dragon power force in the Rochester music scene when we play together so be sure to check them out. Then there’s our boys in gates of paradox who are incredible, we all share a jam space and it’s a pleasure hearing them play every time. I also really like Polybius, super new and large sounding death metal/thrash with keyboards which you don’t see often. Honestly there are a lot of sick bands in the metal scene here.

Drew Wood: By Genre I would say Power metal has been dominated by Gates of Paradox, and from what I have heard from their second album live, it will continue to be the pinnacle of Rochester’s power metal, For black metal it would have to be Eternal Crypt, it is the perfect blend of atmosphere to excellent riffs. Death Metal has to go to Alien Autopsy, I broke my nose at their album release show and stayed for the rest of it bleeding down my shirt cause I couldn’t get enough of the destruction they have at their disposal. Traditional would come down to Fatal Curse if they are still around, they tore up every show I have seen them at.


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