*taken from our June 2022 printed issue: A Guide 2 the New York Underground


1. How did you first arrive at your band name? Is there a story behind it or did it just fall into place?

Carmen James: I think when at the end of the day it was just us being kids not knowing what to name their goofy. not-so-edgy yet, slam band.

2. What made you start doing music? What was the catalyst that started you down the path of forming or joining a live band?

CJ: I knew from the time i was pretty young I wanted to be an entertainer of some sorts, i fell in love with music as a really young kid and it seems to be something that just gets stronger with time, as my taste changes.

3. Who are your biggest influences? These could be bands, individual artists, other people in your life, etc. Who helped shape the music you now aspire to create?

CJ: We’re very influenced by horror when it comes to lyrical content, with a lot to do with the self-destructive nature of mankind.

4. When it comes to your contributions to the band, what are some ways you’re currently challenging yourself? What skills have you been working on honing lately, or what techniques have you been drilling?

CJ: I’m always trying to improve my songwriting abilities, as well as my technical abilities by sometimes throwing in a riff I wrote but can’t exactly play perfectly right off the bat, and just hammering down on it to train my hand to do things it wasn’t so comfortable doing before.

5. What are your individual gear setups? More importantly, for the gearheads reading this, what are some of the brands, makes, and models you swear by when it comes to instruments, amplifiers, sims, plugins, mics, etc.?

CJ: Over the last year we’ve been leaning way more towards using primarily 5 string basses, and 7 string guitars, but i swear by my Randall RG-100 through and through, great solid state amp for what we do.

6. Talk about any past bands you’ve been a part of that we might remember.

CJ: Nothing really memorable i’ve been in prior to Skrotum, but i’ve been filling in with bands, and had bands i’ve started, been in and out of, since i was about 12.

7. Think of a specific song, or even a riff you’re most proud of in the band’s arsenal.

CJ: “Skinned and Sodomized for Esoteric Pleasure” will always hold a special place in my heart just because I think it most accurately represents what i wanted Skrotum to be as a 14-15 year old kid. It’s hard to compete with some of our news shit though, i think we’ve really taken a step up for our upcoming EP.

8. Plug any and all upcoming shows. Attach fliers to the interview, so I can print them in this zine!

CJ: Bunch of festivals coming up for us this summer!

9. Plug your online presence, using the simplest URLs you have.


10. Who are your favorite local bands in the scene right now? Plug some other underground bands you think we should be checking out!

CJ: Must see bands from around here; The Queen Guillotined, Debrained and Anthropic. Easily my top three from Buffalo right now.


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