Ryan Mis – lead vocals

1. It’s been a year since we last interviewed. What are some new vocal challenges you’ve undertaken since July 2021? Have you done any new covers, learned any new techniques, etc.?

Man, time flies. I guess one thing that I’ve been trying to do is consistently stay unique. I realize that I am known for my range and different singing styles, so I’ve been trying to keep it fresh for every song that I work on. I like keeping the listener on their toes, and it’s extra interesting for myself. I haven’t had a chance to work on any new covers, since I’ve been so busy, but I have a long list that I plan on getting to in due time.

2. How are things going in the Short Attention Span Theatre camp? Are you guys working on new music? What direction do you see things going in? Any shows coming up?

Things in SAST land are good. We’ve been slowly but surely trucking away at new tunes. The goal is to finish a full length, so we’ve stepped back from playing shows and made that our number one priority. We’ve gone in a pretty unexpected direction, one that I feel embodies the evolution of the band stylistically.

3. You recently launched your “High on Buffalo” clothing line and it’s glorious! When did you first have this idea, and how long did it take you to launch the store?

So, this idea actually came to me in the middle of the night. I dreamt it, sprung out of bed and immediately started drawing. The idea presented itself to me after a day of having fun on the porch with my friends and watching a bunch of Bills stuff. The two things came together in my head, and I immediately knew that it was a golden idea. From there, I jumped on all the Buffalo sports teams, which I love, completed a series of designs, sent them for copyright, trademarked my name and started planning the business. Officially owning things through the United States Patent and Trademark office is no quick task, so I was sitting on it all for quite a while before everything finally went through. Luckily, I was able to open my online shop and release some designs before the end of last season, and I look forward to this new season of High On Buffalo.

4. Now that “High on Buffalo” is in full swing, where can we find your products? Do you have a bestseller?

My products can be found on Etsy at I also have some merch at Timeless Babez in Tonawanda, Cannarawgus Dispensary in Cattaraugus, and soon to be a handful of other spots. A lot of people have been reaching out, so I’m going to take advantage of the opportunity. You can occasionally find me setting up shop at local shows and venues also. My best seller by far is anything with the Buffalo Chillz logo on it. Furthermore, I have a handful of new designs that I will be releasing every so often, when I feel the time is right.

5. In what ways has your journey with Hell Ever After helped you expand your already impressive vocal range?

Being in Hell Ever After has allowed me to unleash my 80’s metal vocals more. Not that I intentionally try to make it sound that way, but singing that style of music comes pretty naturally to me, so its kind of a let loose and have fun situation. The way I see it, the more I sing, the more I try new things, the more I expand my ability and broaden my bag of tricks.

6. Vocally, you’ve always sort of reminded me of Rody Walker from Protest the Hero. Is he an influence of yours, perchance?

I’ve been a Protest the Hero fan for a long time, so I definitely have been heavily influenced by singing their tunes. I’ve never been one to try to replicate the style of someone else, but when I hear something I like, I sing along with it. I’d agree that there is a bit of Rody in my sound, but that’s because it’s something that feels so natural to do.

7. Thinking about music you’ve gotten into just over the last 5-10 years, who are some of your favorite “newer” vocalists?

Is it bad that I don’t really listen to new music? Ha. Thundercat. ❤

8. Now that shows are back, what was the best one you’ve attended that wasn’t one of your own?

I’m going to say it was seeing my sweet boys in Inertia play out. It’s always a party, with all the pals, and then my neck hurts the next day.

That’s the sign of a good time.

9. Thinking about the relationship between the music and the lyrics, which is your favorite Hell Ever After song to date?

I’m still going with “Hell Hath Come”. That song is a jam, and a blast to belt out, though there are a few close seconds.

10. I’ve probably asked you this before, but for those new to the zine, who have been your biggest influences as a vocalist for both clean vocals, and harsh vocals?

It’s hard to name names. I listen to such a wide variety of music and feel that I am influenced by it all in some capacity. Pinpointing the ones who have had an impact on me becoming the vocalist I am would be unfair to the ones I forget to mention. Lately, the majority of what I listen to is Thundercat, Chon and Faith No More. It’s been that way for a while. I’ve also rekindled my relationship with Between the Buried and Me.


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