Fusing pop punk, emo, and indie, this might not be the kind of band you’d expect from Joe Musial – longtime drummer of Buffalo grindcore kings, Prepare for the Mindscan, but he was more than happy to join this band a few years ago and get in touch with his pop, more emotive side. With their new lineup solidified, Winski is on a fast path to success, filling your ears with all the nostalgia you can handle, while truly crafting something new and fresh within this new EP of theirs, Washed Away.

Upon first listen, I think what jumps out immediately is how hard certain transitions hit without the use of guitar distortion. Winski is filled with heavy, driving chord progressions coupled with lead melodies that convey a coffeehouse acoustic show vibe, while also showing off the crystal clear production of the album. Vocally, every song has a “sticky” quality to it. The chorus vocal melodies in particular on every song are designed to get stuck in your head for days. The opening track “If We’re Being Honest” is probably the greatest testament to this.

On top of all that, I’m sure my hindsight bias is screaming loud right now, but I think Winski’s incorporation of an extreme metal drummer has brought out some dynamics in their music that otherwise would not have come to pass. Joe’s subtle fills, accents, flams, etc., give these straightforward songs a certain erratic edge happening in the background.

All in all, the band has such an incredible chemistry that really stands out against others of these genres. Typically when combining styles like these, you can almost hear creative differences between band members being showcased on prevalent albums, but this latest lineup of Winski have truly coalesced in a uniform fashion. This is such a powerful musical effort from a band with limitless commercial potential as well. I see them going far if they stay the course.

Washed Away is now available on all major streaming platforms!

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