1. It prolonged the existence of bands.

You know, it’s kind of hard to fight with your bandmates if you never see them. Bands always break up over increased tensions between members or creative differences. Sometimes it’s a mixture of the two. During the pandemic, no one was playing shows or even practicing. So, a lot of failing bands got to add 1 1/2 years or more to their longevity before calling it quits. Those bands didn’t break up until…

2. It exposed a different side of your bandmates.

A lot of people didn’t really know who they were in a band with until the pandemic hit. It exposed a whole different side to the people you only knew from your rehearsal space. If you were in one of these bands, and you broke up because of this, it was for the best. It’s funny who people turn out to be after you “re-meet” them sometimes.

3. Many bands saved money.

Hey, remember all those shows you had to cancel? A lot of you local bands were going to lose money on those anyway, so it was for the best. Sure, bigger bands lost a ton of revenue not being able to tour, and some locals DO have some serious draw, but let’s be real. The majority of underground bands who had to cancel shows SAVED money as a result.

4. People got better at their instruments.

Remember that picking technique you always sucked at? Remember how you couldn’t play that fill? Remember how you couldn’t blast? Remember how your screams sounded too weak or your clean singing always fell flat? You’re probably a lot better at all these things and more now because you had that much more time to practice.

5. People got better at home recording.

Remember all that money you used to throw at sound engineers who never quite got your sound right? Well, guess what? Now you’re a badass with a home studio. You’re sick at tracking, mixing, and mastering. You’ve learned all the right DAWs and plugins. It was a hefty investment you made with your stimulus checks, but it was a solid one because you never have to overpay someone else for that shit again. Great job! *you’re probably still outsourcing to record drums, but it’s still cheaper

6. People got better at social media content.

A lot of bands sucked at generating social media content in 2019, and a lot of those same bands no longer suck at producing consistent, engaging social media content. This is because they were forced to sit at home for months and months and perfect that side of their marketing. Great job!

7. It forced people to find other ways to make money.

A lot of you smaller bands were really struggling and living paycheck to paycheck, while spending twice your income on your band. Sure, many people were financially crippled, but at the same time, a lot of my musician friends found themselves remote work during the pandemic. They’re now making twice what they were before and they don’t have to leave home. It’s amazing what you can find for work online. Google is your friend. 😉

8. Bigger bands forced to stay home from tour started interacting with their fans more online.

You never used to get replies to comments and DMs from your idols, but a lot of you do now!

9. It created a hardship that we all had in common. Suddenly, bands on all tiers were communicating and having the same conversation.

Imagine a room full of underground metal musicians looking really pissed off, arms crossed, being all anti social in between songs and sets at shows. It’s funny how many friendships I saw blossom in my local scene, simply because every band in the scene had the SAME FUCKING PROBLEM. It’s true what they say: common enemies make friends. We’re just one alien invasion away from world peace, you guys!

10. We all discovered new music just sitting on our asses at home we never would’ve found. People started listening to musicians other than themselves for a change.

How many of you narcissistic local guys only listen to your own demos and albums? I know a lot of self-serving assholes who finally realized that other bands exist just because they were forced to stay off stage for almost two years.

BONUS! That reminds me…

11. You collectively got better at stage presence too, didn’t you?

Did somebody lose the weight they always wanted to lose? Are you a little more limber now? Have you guys worked on your choreography? Sweet!

ENJOY BEING BACK ON STAGE. Play your heart out. Treat a room with 10 patrons like a room with 10,000. You never know when someone or some THING could take that shit away from you again.

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