From out of nowhere, ASHES crushed the internet with their new single, “Shrouded” released in June of this year. I perceive this band as being right on the cusp of metalcore and deathcore, but with a modern djenty twist. They have some techy moments too which are really cool. You can check out a cool playthrough video of this song on the ASHES Facebook page, but for now, sit back, relax, and let their drummer, Cody, tell you all about the band’s journey thus far!

1. Talk about the beginnings of ASHES. How did you guys meet and how did you come to agree on your style?

Jack (vocalist), Bobby (guitar), and I met in high school. We had a couple classes together and all enjoyed the same type of music and played instruments, so we started a very bad post hardcore cover band (laughs). We originally played Silverstein, Attack Attack and Of Mice and Men

covers until we started writing some originals and made Timelines. Our sound has just kind of naturally changed as we all got older and were influenced by other music. (Also our member changes have helped our sound change quite a bit)

2. How do you typically approach songwriting for ASHES? Is it a collaborative process or is everything centered around one person’s ideas?

Currently our process is a little janky honestly. Our guitarist Matt and vocalist Jack have been doing a large bulk of guitar writing and since we’re DIYing the whole project, we’ve been programming our drums. This involves me taking the skeleton of their programming and just adding some flair to it. After we move on from final drums and guitars Jack and I work on vocal arrangements (and melodies) together.

3. Describe the writing process for “Shrouded”. What’s been inspiring you guys lately and what kind of direction do you hear your music going in?

Shrouded was actually one of the first songs we wrote for this new project. Matt came in with it and was like “check out this sound (being the intro guitar part) that I found I really like it” and a couple days later the whole song was in our google drive haha. We don’t really have a set “sound” in mind and I think that will be very clear on our next record. Jack does a lot of kind of out there stuff for his solo project (Cold Camp) so there’s a song on our record that was originally for that, but I loved it so much I convinced him to let it be for ASHES (laughs).

4. What was the recording process for “Shrouded” like? When you guys hit the studio, did you have to make any last minute changes to the song you weren’t expecting?

Recording has been an absolute breeze. Both Matt and Jack have really good amp modelers and have been sharing plug ins so we can get the best results possible. “Shrouded” was one of those songs where we heard everything together after Jack finished up editing and all said “yep, this is the first single.” We didn’t really have to do much to it just A LOT of finalization fixes.

5. Without thinking and just going with your gut, list off five drummers you feel influence your playing style the most.

Oh goodness, any five I’d say Doug Court (Sirens & Sailors), Cody Ash (Sylar, Jelly Roll), Josh Manuel (Issues), Dan Carle (After the Burial), Paul Lierman (Whale Bones, The Wise Man’s Fear)

6. Where can we find your music online? Are there any physical copies available? List off your online presence here:

We’re on all streaming platforms! Our facebook page has links to all of them as well as our merch store where you can grab a shirt from us and a physical copy of our first ep Timelines. We’re going to do a refresh of our store when the new album drops though so keep an eye on it!

7. How did you come up with the name ASHES? Many bands incorporate the word into their name, but what made simply, ASHES stick for you guys?

We were originally called A Rose Among Ashes but when we were gearing up to drop Timelines we completely rebranded but wanted some familiarity in our name. Coincidentally, though, another band from New Jersey also launched their rebrand to AS/HES the same week we did so it kinda fell short (laughs).

8. Talk about any shows or future recording plans you have lined up that you’re allowed to discuss.

We don’t have any live shows lined up right now, we’re focusing on finishing up and solidifying our live roster at the moment. Hoping to be back on stage soon! We’re dead lining ourselves to be ready for roll out at the end of the year. New single soon!

9. What is the best advice you can think of to give someone looking to join or start a band for the very first time?

Oh man I have made just about every mistake you could make while in a local band (laughs). For advice I would just say to make sure you enjoy the people you’re working with and understand individual work ethics and expectations. Learn the people you’re around to get the best results

out of your music and have fun with it.

10. Talk about some of your live staples. What are some things you always do at shows to amp up the crowd or enhance your stage presence?

I always try to put all of myself into my live performances, I’m a big believer that crowd engagement is half of what makes your performance stand out. I try to incorporate some stick tricks and headbanging into every song. If you see us live definitely do not expect me to stop moving for a second. I’m always singing along to our songs and getting off my throne to try to

hype the crowd up.

11. Going with your gut, what’s your favorite ASHES song? Why is it your favorite?

Definitely one that’s on the new record, currently its unnamed but I think it’s one of the best songs we’ve written as a band. We spent a lot of time working on the post-production and it just sounds soooo sick. Personally, I think it’ll be one of the favorites on the album haha. Right now it’s not named officially but if you hear us talking about 2-27… It’ll more than likely be the third and final single off of our upcoming album.


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