EndStep is something of the culmination of different disbanded acts from the Buffalo area going back to 1999. Matt Sherwin, EndStep’s drummer was kind enough to take us on that journey, and if you’re at all familiar with the Buffalo heavy music scene going back to the ‘90s, then you’re bound to recognize a lot of the following names. EndStep released a new EP this year. We found the tracks on Reverb Nation and gave them a listen, but more distribution and more recordings are in the works. Here’s the rundown on EndStep per Matt Sherwin:

1. Talk about the beginnings of EndStep. How did you guys meet? How did you come to agree on your style? Who are your biggest influences in metal? Etc.

EndStep is Chad Cogar (guitar), Tom Bullard (bass), Matt Swiss Sherwin vocals/drums.

We all went to high school together, and have been a part of the local metal scene since 99 in our various other bands.(the party, seize the soul, vile vindication) we reconnected after leaving our previous bands to make music that we wanted to hear. We pretty much all just play what we want and it comes together. Our biggest influences are bands such as Chimaira, In Flames, American Head Charge, Lamb of God, Korn.

2. How do you typically approach songwriting for EndStep? Is it collaborative or are your songs typically based around one person’s idea?

Our writing process is a little different than a lot of bands, usually Chad (guitar) will come to practice with a few random riffs or even an entire song, then matt (drums) will help arrange and order the song. Lastly we bring what we have to tom and he adds his ideas and critiques what works and what doesn’t. That way we have fresh ears working on the song with varying ideas. We all trust each other to know what sounds good. It’s a fairly quick process at this point.

3. Describe the writing processes for the most recent songs you guys have released onto Reverb Nation this year.

For our latest release, we wanted to write songs that hit and keep on hitting, unrelenting but on the shorter side in actual song length. We noticed that sometimes a (live) band can lose the crowd with songs that appear overly long becoming background noise. With this in mind it really directed how we wrote, hook after hook without too much repetition.

4. What was the recording process like for the album? Did any significant changes to the songs happen in the studio that you weren’t expecting?

We had two major surprises in the studio, the first was when our former singer Roger Gardner left the band to pursue his own projects. The second was finding out our drummer had amazingly unique vocals patterns, so he took on the mantle of vocalist-drummer.

5. Without thinking and just going with your gut, list off five drummers you feel influence your playing the most.

5 drummers who influenced my playing was Andols Herrick (Chimaira), Chris Adler (Lamb of God), Tim Yeung (Vital Remains), and Joey Jordison (Slipknot).

6. Where can we find your music online? Are there any physical copies available? List off your online presence here:

You can find our music on and follows us on our Facebook page we usually have physical copies at live shows and are working on a YouTube channel.

7. How did you guys come up with the name, EndStep? I’ve noticed it spelled two different ways online as well and was curious about the proper spelling. Do you guys typically include the space between the words or not?

We decided on the name EndStep after a few iterations and slight changes. The name signifies our end step to our metal journey, this is most likely the last band we will all be in together, so it’s a reminder to give it our everything, leave it all on the table and hold nothing back.

8. Talk about any shows or future recording plans you guys have lined up that you’re allowed to discuss.

We are currently finishing up writing material for our second album (untitled) then back I to the studio. We are on the look out for a possible permanent singer or even a drummer as we move Matt to permanent vocals. Then we hope to play shows by the summer of 2023.

9. What is the best advice you can think of to give someone looking to join or start a band for the very first time?

Make music for yourself, music you want to hear and enjoy. Dedication and practice are key and make for a tight well rounded sound.

10. Without thinking and just going with your gut, what is your favorite song on your most recent Reverb Nation self-titled EP and why?

We all agree that our song “Alpha Omega” is our favorite song off the album, it’s just hits hard and keeps on hitting. Lyrically it is a reminder that somethings are just beneath you as a person, petty games some people play.


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