Shotgun Interview(s)!: Josh Enright, Chris Gooch (Mass Casualty), Nicholas Alan (Halothane)

Mike Marlinski: I’ve got the guys from Mass Casualty (Josh Enright and Chris Gooch) and Nicholas Alan (Halothane) and we’re gonna be talking Buffalo Metal Fest 2018. Of all the bands on that bill, can you name a few you haven’t heard yet that you’re excited about? Nicholas Alan: That’s a hard question because I’m … More Shotgun Interview(s)!: Josh Enright, Chris Gooch (Mass Casualty), Nicholas Alan (Halothane)

SHOTGUN INTERVIEW!: Eric Budash (Diceros/The Metal)

According to Urban Dictionary: Shotgun Interview – Shortly after two people start dating, (or when you first meet a friends partner) family and friends can choose to conduct a ‘shotgun interview’ to make sure the new partner is a suitable choice. Normally conducted when in a rocking chair with a shotgun on your lap for maximum effect. Fortunately for Eric, I’m not … More SHOTGUN INTERVIEW!: Eric Budash (Diceros/The Metal)

SHOTGUN INTERVIEW!: Joe Lamoureux (Nuclear Winter)

Happy 4th of July, readers! “Shotgun Interview!” is back and our next victim on the chopping block is our pal Joe from Nuclear Winter. Joe started the band a few years back and currently, they’re a true thrash authority in our area; smashing the competition by performing the genre with the expertise of those in … More SHOTGUN INTERVIEW!: Joe Lamoureux (Nuclear Winter)

Shotgun Interview: Glenn Szymanski (Tines)

(Setting up Glenn for the interview…) Glenn: Band interviewed or individual in the music scene interviewed? Mike: Either. We can talk about you, Tines, both… Glenn: Sounds good. Mike: Sick. Let me switch to my laptop, if you’re good right now. Glenn: Sure. Mike: So, I don’t think I’ve worked with you on anything since … More Shotgun Interview: Glenn Szymanski (Tines)