Rylea Comes Out in Full Swing

I’m back again guys, and with a little bit of news! As some of you may already know, this past year I’ve been doing a lot of introspective work and learning about myself. Last year I came out as Non-Binary, and have been very femme leaning that entire time. In the last week, however, I […]

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New Single from Renegade Angel

If you’re yearning for some good, old-fashioned epic power metal with catchy riffs and soaring vocal melodies then look no further than Renegade Angel’s new single “Journey Into Madness. The single was released on Friday (sorry we’re late) via Youtube and Spotify. Renegade Angel is a collection of musicians from all around the world, brought […]

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I’m Still Alive, Dudes!

Written by Rylea Howe The world has been absolutely insane since the last time I released an article. Covid-19, the exponential rise of fascism in America, economic and political distress… It seems as though the world is on its last leg! The cool thing though, is that we live in an era that gives most […]

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