Album Review: Chaotic Upheaval by Pronostic

Canadian tech/progressive death metal outfit, Pronostic, return this May with their second full-length album, the forty-two minute Chaotic Upheaval. Self-published, it’s the band’s first full-length release since 2015’s incredible An Atomic Decision. Reviving their aggressive take on Quebeçois tech, the album features ten outstanding tracks that showcase a spectacular revisiting of the band’s athletic instrumentation, […]

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Album Review: Ikigai by Abiotic

Well, shit, if you’re going to bust out of a half-decade of hiatus, this is most certainly the way to do it. This coming February, Abiotic returns, brandishing the fifty-plus minute Ikigai. Excellently produced, and stacked with incredible guest performances, this full length is a finely-honed statement, heralding the band’s return under The Artisan Era‘s […]

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