Shotgun Interview: Glenn Szymanski (Tines)

(Setting up Glenn for the interview…) Glenn: Band interviewed or individual in the music scene interviewed? Mike: Either. We can talk about you, Tines, both… Glenn: Sounds good. Mike: Sick. Let me switch to my laptop, if you’re good right now. Glenn: Sure. Mike: So, I don’t think I’ve worked with you on anything since … More Shotgun Interview: Glenn Szymanski (Tines)


Mike Deitzman thinks the Buffalo metal scene should have a giant orgy and write songs together. … More Supergroup?

Album Review: Necrostalker – Bloodstained

Rochester, NY is already well known for brutal death metal and thankfully, Necrostalker have arrived to further sweeten the pot. If this band is anything, they’re consistent. Their debut EP, Bloodstained is hard hitting, terrorizing and mercilessly to the point, proving once again that you don’t need to be ultra flashy or technical to put out good, … More Album Review: Necrostalker – Bloodstained

But Seriously…

I’m sure you all think I am off my kilter about this one single show. And I’m sure I am. But my head is going to explode if I don’t get this out of my system. I was initially going to apologize for my past and future posts about the Inanimate Existence/ The Last of … More But Seriously…