Noise Dosage Media, a multimedia platform based in Western New York, just released one of the best extreme/death metal documentaries I’ve seen in years. Jon Lambert, the founder of Noise Dosage Media, started work on this project about two years ago, and the final product is glorious.

Featured in this 3-HOUR video are members of Nuclear Assault, Napalm Death, Cattle Decapitation, Incantation, Exhumed, Gruesome, Frozen Soul, Gatecreeper, Eyehategod, Midnight, Municipal Waste, Stabwounds and more.

Clearly, so much time and effort went into this project, when you take into account traveling, the interviews, film equipment, video editing, etc. It’s cool to see an up-and-comer like Jon from the Buffalo-Rochester area putting something like this together. The documentary currently has 33,000+ views on YouTube, but we feel it deserves a lot more!

If you’re an extreme metal musician, a fan of any of the aforementioned bands who’s never even picked up an instrument, or maybe you’ve barely scratched the surface of this genre but you just LOVE extreme/death metal, then the various insights into all aspects of the music industry (and band life) given by these interviewees alone are worth 3 hours of your time.

Watch the documentary below, SUBSCRIBE to both NOISE DOSAGE MEDIA and WRETCHED SOUND on YouTube, and follow us here in WordPress for more blog posts. Enjoy!

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