(Rochester, New York power metal)

Vocals – Daniel Parker

Guitar – Zane Knight

Guitar – Eddy DiGiulio

Bass- Josh Shufelt

Drums – Alex Zillioux

No one supports the underground harder than GOP’s vocalist, Daniel Parker. He’s been blasting and sharing every project I’ve ever done for years and I couldn’t be more grateful. In addition to having an impressive vocal range, and being one of the better power metal singers I’ve heard in this area, he’s just an incredible dude. Wear the crown proudly, King. You’ve earned it.

Five Kings of Men enjoying some fresh air before crossing the interdimensional threshold to do battle with dragons and such. We love it!!

I recently spoke with guitarist and band spearhead, Zane Knight about where things are going from here in the Gates camp. The above image is the cover art for Gates of Paradox’s self-titled full-length which dropped in 2019-2020, and it absolutely deserves the attention of any power metal or old school heavy metal fan, but Zane has assured me that the band will be entering the studio within the next few months to record the long-awaited followup!! I’m so stoked for new Gates of Paradox music! Zane basically said that they are trying to one-up themselves with the next album. They want to further emphasize the things that already make the band great. They want more sing-along choruses, harmonized/group vocals, more crazy guitar bits, and somehow…both longer AND shorter songs? I guess that would depend on the “goal” of each track. Anyway, Zane also commented that the next Gates record will be a space concept, so, as a sci-fi author myself, I’m beyond excited for that alone!!

Go to and grab some swag, kids!!!

Here are a few shots from the last show Gates played prior to Covid. These photos are from Record Archive in Rochester during January 2020.

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